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How to stay healthy by stimulating your vagus nerve

I started being interested in the effects of the toning or stimulating the vagus nerve that could reduce stress and anxiety. The vagus nerve runs from the brain to the stomach and calms the nerves and balances the systems. I recently ran across an article in Medium explaining how the vagus nerve works and how it could help with Covid 19.
I would like to share it. Wishing you all a safe and peaceful holiday.

Activating the Vagus Nerve might Lower your Covid 19 risk

How does Zoom change my body posture?

As I sit here preparing for my zoom appointments this week, I realize that my body is in a new place.  I notice that being in one place for a period of time creates a lot of collapsing and tension in my jaw, shoulders and low back. I’m realizing that seeing people one dimensionally seems unreal in a way. However; once our animated expressions and enthusiasm comes in, we have great sessions online and we both experience new ways to be. 

What my clients are saying and what I am noticing is that when we direct together by improving our coordination and posture of ourselves, the flat screen disappears in a way that we feel we are in a movable bubble that’s easy and fluid!

My clients, being in their home, find there is a relationship of their environment that gives them support in learning new things about their everyday activities. We’ve decided that’s because they are where they move every day, whether it’s lifting, sitting, eating, in front of the computer, walking etc.

If you would like to try a zoom Alexander lesson, please email me and we’ll discuss how that works.

Please be safe and take good care of yourself. 


How Does CranioSacral Therapy relate to the Alexander Technique?

My clients often ask what is the difference between CranioSacral therapy and the Alexander Technique. I discovered CranioSacral therapy about 20 years ago. I had no clue about my body at the time and being still wasn’t something I felt was necessary, it wasn’t productive; and isn’t that how we show our value?

After several CranioSacral sessions I began to experience my body in very profound and subtle ways. I was  experiencing a state of meditation or stillness inspired by the listening, nurturing touch of the CranioSacral practitioner. I was releasing deeply held tension. I felt less anxious and stressed; and I was more present with my family and coworkers in my daily activities. I discovered stillness was productive!



As for the Alexander Technique, after experiencing the subtle qualities of stillness through my CranioSacral therapy, I could be more deeply aware of my daily activities. I felt CranioSacral was a very necessary resource to move from and then acknowledge my moving habits and how to change them with the Alexander Technique principles.

F. M. Alexander, founder of the Alexander Technique, referred to his work as psychophysical, and I feel that CranioSacral therapy enhances the psychological piece through stillness, and acts as a resource to enhance the reeducation of  the physical components of the Alexander Technique.