How awareness prevents injury and an icy sidewalk…

I have noticed that if I am aware of how my feet are contacting the ground or surface I am standing on, there is some new sensation of connection. And I know that what we think has energy and the thought creates a transmission to that area of the body. 

It is sort of like when you are preparing to walk on an icy sidewalk, you bring your awareness to your feet and the sidewalk, and make a conscious decision to stay with that attention and not be thinking ahead as in what have I got to do today, what if I fall, what if I can’t do my job; those are all future thoughts and not present ones. And that, my friends is when falls happen and injury occurs. 

However, we could use that as a practice of being aware whenever we are walking, not only when it’s an icy sidewalk  

Try it today once or twice and see if you feel more confident, safer, more balanced in your walking. WHERE ARE MY FEET??

It’s 2019 – Smile! How I discovered a smile improves my posture!

Right now, as you are, make a frown, your forehead wrinkles your brows come together. Now notice whether the rest of your body responded?  Do it again…what happens to your shoulders, neck, hips. Does it feel like gripping or pressure, what about your breath, are you breathing?  This is so interesting to discover, and I feel it could occur even with a slight squint or frown; sensations of heaviness, tightness, lack of oxygen. 

Now, I would like you to smile, even think of something that pleases you, a joke, etc; and I found even it I just make a smile without a perceived experience I begin to experience a pleasant feeling, something I love, a joke.  Now notice how your eyes smile too and there is an upturn, your cheeks lift, could this be an “temporary face lift!!” What is happening in your shoulders, your whole statute, do you feel all over lift, a lightness? And your breath may come out as a sigh, or reflects in your body as whole body breathing.

I discovered this as I go up the stairs, if I smile, I transcend the steps with a springyness a lightness, I’m going up in space physically and if I add a smile, I actually go up through my whole stature or you could say posture.

Oh, and another cool thing, a smile is contagious, like a yawn!

So……SMILE 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀 

A few insights about why I do the work I do…

Alexander Technique Congress 2018

As I leave my week of being soothed and nurtured by the presence of knowledge and caring for ourselves and our Alexander work; I realize this is our work. As Roshi Joan Halifax said we are “participant observers” with a “foundational quality of balanced compassion”.
Roshi’s descriptive words are so profound and create such clarity for me in why I do what I do.

In our world we experience such fragmented attention to ourselves and the environment around us; this can cause us to be ungrounded and a disconnect to our well being. We offer our clients a door into the calm that we long for.