How does Zoom change my body posture?

As I sit here preparing for my zoom appointments this week, I realize that my body is in a new place.  I notice that being in one place for a period of time creates a lot of collapsing and tension in my jaw, shoulders and low back. I’m realizing that seeing people one dimensionally seems unreal in a way. However; once our animated expressions and enthusiasm comes in, we have great sessions online and we both experience new ways to be. 

What my clients are saying and what I am noticing is that when we direct together by improving our coordination and posture of ourselves, the flat screen disappears in a way that we feel we are in a movable bubble that’s easy and fluid!

My clients, being in their home, find there is a relationship of their environment that gives them support in learning new things about their everyday activities. We’ve decided that’s because they are where they move every day, whether it’s lifting, sitting, eating, in front of the computer, walking etc.

If you would like to try a zoom Alexander lesson, please email me and we’ll discuss how that works.

Please be safe and take good care of yourself. 


ONLINE PRIVATE SESSIONS – With the ease of Zoom…

It’s a new world and we are finding out how creative we can be to keep our bodies moving, limber and healthy!

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I was a bit resistant about how to convey the message of ease, connection, guidance and support while unable to use my hands. I was presently surprised at my clients responses because they were able to really experience what they were sensing in a very supportive way and notice how much calmer they became after our sessions together. Here is what they said:

“When we asked this question “where does it feel a little easy” is so helpful to me. It’s a low, achieveable bar to clear. It’s not intimidating. It’s not asking where I am COMPLETELY relaxed. I feel uptight in a lot of places, but I can find a place / part where I feel “a little easy,” which is a good place to start. I hope that’s helpful. Thanks again! C S (New York)

“I have tried many different ways of calming down and I have never really found something that makes me really feel comfortable. But this Zoom (online) session with Karen has! Thank you. KG (Hanover, Germany)

How Mia discovered that the stiffness in her ankles affected her painful hips

Mia (not real name) attended the last workshops series on how to find our graceful, strong body.  And she shared with us what she had discovered after the workshop we did on walking.  She loves to walk her dog however, her right hip was always getting her attention because it was so painful. 

When we started to look at how the freedom in her ankle related to the freedom in her hip; a light went off in her awareness and she could now make a choice on how she was walking and let her ankles be easy and her hip pain subsided.  She said, “I know I will have to be more attentive to changing my patterns of walking. This is a practice I can explore on my own.

BALANCE – an even distribution of weight so there can be suspension or poise to remain upright. I think of this when I pause and notice if my feet are on the ground and under the weight of my body. Can we consciously be aware of the balance of our bodies? Sunday morning pondering!

Posted by Freeing the Natural Spine – Karen Loving on Sunday, March 26, 2017

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