Where do I find “patience”?

The challenge of patience; I’ve been exploring the places where I notice patience in my life. Patience, to me, means a time to discover where I have choices.  A pause in my daily activities where I can be quiet and listen to what would be the most healthy and loving choice I could make for myself and for others. Being patient with myself first, and pausing to realize I have a choice in all that I do, and in every word I say.  This quiet patient listening to all that is around me and going inside to reflect on how to move forward with kindness and service. I notice when I’m in Montana where the energy is very calm; people are not rushed.   There is a very strong connection to the natural world in a very accepting way. This responsibility to the natural world teaches us to pause and be patient. To be patient as the seasons change, as the leaves and flowers unfold.  In the natural world, there is only “patience”.


This inquiry into my world of  “patience” reminds me of the work and discovery that F. M. Alexander embarked on 103 + years ago. He quietly watched the way he moved his body to see what could help him alleviate his problem of being hoarse when he spoke.  He realized that a more natural way of moving, breathing, speaking could create more ease in his whole musculoskeletal system, and that he might be doing more or creating more effort than was natural.  He didn’t intend to create this amazing method of self-care, now known as The Alexander Technique.  He was discovering that when he became  present, patient and quiet enough with himself; he became more aware of his very fine movements of breathing, standing, seeing, bending, and he discovered that when he paused and was patient with how he made these choices there was ease in his body and improvement in his voice and speaking. My wish is that we can all find periods of quiet presence and patience in our days that sometimes feel more rushed than is healthy; however, knowing we have a choice gives us hope of remembering our natural movement, our connection to the natural world where we can always experience “patience”. Come explore the Alexander Technique principles that can take you deeper into your own sense of awareness and conscious choice.    

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