Turning the door knob before I get there…

I have been noticing that if I am approaching a door with the intent of opening it by turning the knob, I anticipate with my muscles way before I get near the door!!  So I am creating through my “habit” how I am going to use my hand, elbow, shoulder and yes, my back muscles to turn the knob and I’m not even close to the doorknob!!!! I am not even conscious that I am creating that tension!!

WOW, is that ever a lot of extra effort and over tightening all my joints for no reason; however, it did come into my awareness when I “paused” long enough to be present and “notice” what I was habitually doing with my body.

The next time you open a door, pick up a glass or cup, walk to your car to open the door, and,  yes, even taking a step….it is a fun experiment and you could use a lot less energy and save your joints from stiffness, discomfort and pain on down the road; just by being attentive to your habits as you are moving  through your day.



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