Sensing the seasons changing, and ourselves…

Our actions affect the whole

The Tree of Life

I love how are senses take in the seasons and how accustomed we are to the changes…in fact, when we have a 70 degree day in January we are excited, but a bit uneasy because our bodies are “accustomed” to winter temperatures.  I remember that warm spell we had back in the Fall, and my sense were so confused, it was gorgeous and warm however, as I took in the natural world around me, everything had gone dormant for the winter, the plants, trees, bugs (except the stink bugs!), it wasn’t green which is the color and sense that goes with 70+ temperatures.  My senses were confused!

I feel the same way when I have a new sensation in moving; this week all my clients and I are exploring how to let go of our “tail” or coccyx (more anatomical), and what amazing things happen.  We felt our knees unlock, our neck become easy and free, and we felt more aware of what was around us. However, we were confused, because it didn’t feel or we didn’t sense ourselves the same way and we actually felt better.  So the word “accustomed” as I used above for the changes in weather could also be called “habits” which is more appropriate for how we sense our bodies or not…habit often times means we aren’t aware at all, we are going through our daily activites just like we always have without noticing ourselves in a conscious way; we are on automatic pilot!

During this busy time find a time to lie down, put your legs up, slide a few books under your head and just be…noticing your sensations without any expectations or judgement…it is challenging, but oh so rewarding.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS – blessings of good health, peace and joy all around!


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