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A great observation of the Alexander Technique at the Montana workshop:

Last spring when I was in Tucson I went to Gianna’s (my granddaughter) violin lesson. (she’s just beginning). She was “sawing” away at the song. Her teacher said “Operate the bow from your whole arm, not just from your elbow.” What a difference in sound. Sound went from flat to full. I took violin as a child and must have learned that because when playing her violin it was natural for me to bow with my whole arm.

I noticed Scott, also, when helping her with her lesson bowed from the elbow. When I pointed that out he immediately picked up on doing it differently – it was harder for Gianna to “get” the difference.

I would suppose a violinist who used the bow from the elbow would eventually develop an injury. In other words “tennis elbow”??

When we ask our body to perform an action w/o the full repertoire of joints and muscles and tendons intended to perform that action then we create wear and tear and eventually injury, I would guess. Very interesting.

Thank you for the class. It was enlightening. It’s very comforting being around you.

Cheryl C
Workshop participant in Montana last weekend.