What is CranioSacral Therapy? Is it for me?


My first session of CranioSacral Therapy was years ago, and as I left the session, I realized something I had not experienced before; not only was my physical discomfort gone and my stiffness lessened, I found a sense of really deep peace, my worries did not appear, my sense of inadequacy was gone, it was as if all was perfect just as it was.  I knew that I wanted more of this experience.

As a practitioner of CranioSacral therapy, I sense in my clients a deep unwinding of fascial (tissue) tension that in most cases is unconscious, and the body directs me to these areas of stuck patterns that can very quickly disappear.  The interesting part is that not only is the physical body relieved, the emotional holdings integrate and disappear.  We know so much more about how the emotions affect the physical, this therapy is very profound in that example.  Years of talk therapy to alleviate complex emotional patterns of pain can sometimes vanish and the physical problems leave as well!  The interconnectedness of subliminal holding patterns are brought forward and released.

I am constantly amazed at how this gentle listening to the body with the intent of nurturing uncovers what is possible within the tissue of my client.  An experience of grace, joy and peace appears. My work is a gift to me.

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