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OK, have you been noticing your “trying” part?

Last blog, I talked about how much we want do things “right”.  And I am always curious about what “right” is?  Is there truly a “right” or something in our belief or experience that we interpret as “right”.  Something to ponder, hmmmmm.

I noticed the other day as I was picking up my tea mug, that I was griping it like there was no tomorrow; my forearm, wrist and shoulder was tensing as well as my jaw (clenching my teeth) – was that “trying” too hard to hold my mug “right”?  So I gradually lessened the grip, little by little, at first I noticed my jaw loosen, then my shoulder (it was pulled up towards my same side ear); then slowly, upper arm, forearm and wrist.

So, a very everyday occurrence for me to have a cup of tea or coffee, and if I don’t notice what I am doing, I continually over grip the cup, and my body suffers.  Is it helping me hold the cup?  It is probably a long standing habit of mine, maybe way back as a child I dropped a mug and was scolded and from then on realized I must really grip it or it will drop and break.

Let’s take a little inventory of how you hold your coffee mug, or a broom, or OMG the vaccum handle (that is another whole blog!)and see what you do that is unneccessary and with gentleness to yourself, do less…do less…do less; enjoy ease and freedom!

Watch the video to the right of this blog…can you see trying there??