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Moving Medicine for Arthritis Pain and Stiffness

How does movement help arthritis pain?

1. The fluid in the synovial membrane warms through movement and lubricates and nourishes the joint

2. Range of Motion (ROM) through all the joints helps prevent stiffness and loss of motion

3. The way you move your joints is important to not further tense or tighten the space between the bones

4. Taking a warm, not hot, shower before working with your ROM movement helps learn more about using your joints in a healthy ways

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Exerpt from the Arthritis Foundations study on alternative therapies:

Low back pain

This category had the most studies – 75 in all, featuring more than 11,000 patients testing 14 therapies. Acupuncture and massage each received 5, yoga scored 4 and relaxation therapy, osteopathy and the Alexander technique scored 3. The Alexander technique teaches people to move, sit and stand with less strain and more ease.    2/1/2013 (“Some Alternatives Work for Arthritis”)

Dr Steinman, Harvard MD talks about pain and the Alexander Technique