Is it my responsibility to take care of my health?

Calming the nervous system

Calming the nervous system

This is a question that continues to surface as our medical community changes from what it once was.  It used to be that we turned all our power over to the doctor and did very little to educate ourselves about our bodies, or thought much about how we felt, how we moved, walked, sat, etc.; however, we are changing, we want to be involved and responsible for our health.  After all, we are the one inside our bodies;  we can change our approach and be proactive in our healing.

When clients come to me with back pain, sometimes chronic, they have no idea that they can change a few things that greatly improve their movement and the pain subsides or goes away.  Seeing their life change because of this new way of thinking is so moving and satisfying. Basically they heal from their own “power” or direction!

How can this happen?  As one of my clients put it:

“I am susceptible to chronic pain and it can flare up from either physical or emotional tension; when I change my thinking and learn to “let go” of the tension” and be conscious and responsible for my actions; things improve.  The Alexander Technique is aiming at non-doing, and the physical component that can tighten muscles also compresses the spine…we learn to elongate the spine...I call it                         


It is “my job” not the doctors or the pharmacologist
to take care of my health.

Learning about our bodies

Learning about our bodies

The Alexander Technique gives more “bang for the buck”! “

R. Winn, Culpeper, VA

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