I am honored….

..to have had the amazing opportunity to work with the Castleton Artists Training Seminar (CATS) participants this summer at The Castleton Festival the creation of Lorin Maazel, Artistic Director.  This is my third year working with this talented and unique group of men and women who are committed and passionate about their musical artistry.

As I sat in the audience of Otello, and felt the emotion and breath of the actor’s characters come to life; I thought to myself, this incredible festival is minutes from my house, and I am sitting here experiencing one of the world’s most esteemed conductor directing incredible musicians, and  performers.  It was very “other worldly”!

The CATS is a program for advanced voice students who audition from all parts of the world. I offered the Alexander Technique work to them in several workshops over the course of their stay at Castleton; most of them had experience of the Alexander Technique in their schools or had private lessons with a teacher.  So it was rewarding to assist them with refreshing their knowledge of the Alexander work in their performances while at Castleton, and to carry that awareness into their careers as vocal performers.


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