Does awareness alleviate pain?

When I read this in eastern spiritual teachings: Liberation from suffering comes from being aware;  I like to think about how this relates to the suffering in our bodies through pain, injury, emotional trauma, and disease.  Awareness helps us identify the suffering whether it be pain, emotional distress, trauma, and disease; and how does it “liberate” us from the suffering?

I have experienced through my work as an Alexander Technique practitioner that when we can consciously identify our tensions, imbalances, uncoordinated posture, AND relate them to how our bodies move; there is a “liberation” of our discomfort. Our habits are patterns that we ignore because we do them so automatically; and I feel that “awareness” is the first step to identifying these patterns.  We then can choose to cease doing what we have always done, and find a more easeful and balanced natural way to do the same task. Whether it is walking, lifting, playing tennis, sitting at the desk, texting, playing a musical instrument, public speaking and the list goes on. We find that when we use our whole body to move, all our joints move with elasticity and flexibility; not overworking any one joint or muscle.

What a great way to educate your SELF so that there is long term ease. YOU learn a very profound relationship to your own body and your movement that you can change!


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