Are you trying too hard? Isn’t that how I get it “right”?

For alot of us there is a strong relationship between trying to get something right and excess muscular tension. When we try to do something, whether it be writing a email,  being on time to your daugher’s school play, or even exercising with so much muscular tension that you wear out your joints or end up with arthritis.

The next time you’re trying hard to get something right see if you’re tightening your shoulders or neck, clenching your jaw and , or holding your breath? These are some of the many ways “trying” shows up in the body.

Our work recognizes that most people sacrifice their physical well-being in order to achieve their goals or “get it right”.  Is there a “right”? Or is “getting it right” a personal measurement of how I show up in the world.  We call it “end gaining” or  going for your “end” by trying to hard at the expense of your body.

Stay tuned….I am going to give you some suggestions of how to “know that you are trying too hard”


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