Can we “fix” our pain so it doesn’t come back?

“At the age of 43, I thought my active lifestyle was at an end.  The doctors informed me that the constant acute pain I experienced after three back surgeries, was permanent and not curable.  Then I met Karen Loving; she was my salvation.  After she taught me the Alexander Technique, I  had my life back.  Now at age 51 I can play golf, chop wood, lift weights and do activity without pain or fear of injury.  Karen didn’t “fix” my problem; she taught me how to “fix” it myself, permanently! ”  J. K., Insurance Executive

We all want someone to “fix” our pain and make it go away, or correct our posture easily. However, if we learn what we are doing ourselves that could be creating discomfort, then WE CAN practice the principles that create ease and natural movement.  These princples are in everything that we do and we learn about our own bodies.  The Alexander Technique principles give us long term results because we are directing how we move and learning it can be simple and therefore natural.


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