Seeing with Soft eyes…have a seat and ….

Look at an object across the room, look hard and fiercely at it.  Notice how you are seeing peripherally.  How is your breathing?Now  another way…notice your breathing as you are looking, feel the chair under you, your feet on the foor and the chair’s connection to the floor.  This time look at the object with “soft” eyes, not sharp or hard gaze…allow the image to come to you, don’t go get it or “try” to see it.  Feel your Whole Body receiving the image.  Now be aware of the other objects around you.

Go back and forth using these two different ways of receiving sight.  How is your breathing with each one? Are you tensing your muscles anywhere?

What can you discover about this exercise in seeing?


Tense eyes!


Soft eyes….ahhhh



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