Does duality thinking: right and wrong, in and out, up and down lead to rigidity?

What affect does duality have on our bodies?

I was noticing as I go through my day, how the effect of duality in my thinking effects my body. Examples of this for me are: Is this hot or cold ? Am I late or early? Am I right or wrong? And a big one, Am I better than or less than whatever situation or whomever is at hand?  This feels awkward and also comfortable. As a culture we seem to be very “result driven”, and we base how we are feeling on that “result”. Does our body reflect that “result thinking”?  We know that what we “think” is expressed in our body tissue, whether we are conscious of it or not.

I know when I am in meditation or doing a “yummy” yoga asana, being in my body with presence, the duality slips away…I am just there in the middle ground, not good not bad; not rigid or tense.

I noticed this place of “middle ground”  in my cat as she was preparing her passing; she would sit and just be…not wanting anything, not feeling “better than”; not expecting anything.  The calm and peace in her body was beautiful to see…she was with “all there is”.  As we were with her when she passed, I was in awe of her surrender and her peace. I was sad “for me” that I wouldn’t hold her again; and for Lilly, she was not “attached” to the physical world and me; she was just passing through and would continue to share her love.

As you go through your week, notice places where you are just “there”, not wanting or expecting or anticipating a “result”. A place to experience “middle ground” might be in your body:   Notice my feet? Can I feel the chair under my sit bones? Allow the breath to move freely? Can I expand my awareness to the space in the room? Can awareness without “attachment” to an outcome be a way to just be at ease in your body?

Explore and find places in your day that you can experience “middle ground”.

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