In my clients words…

From FRAN SLATERBECK, 70 yrs (back pain issues)

“I have taken the Alexander Technique lessons for two years.  Not only have the lessons helped alleviate back pain and improved my posture; the work has given me a sense of self-confidence which has been noticed by family and friends.”


From the performers at Lorin Maazel’s Castleton Festival, July 2011

Incorporating new body perception into my singing technique I found “monkey” (position) most helpful in finding a neutral yet supported position for my lower back.

Body awareness is always most helpful for better performance  but also in keeping a performer healthy.  Allowing the ribcage to rise rather than pushing it down.

Remembering to release my knees but having my muscles active and supporting me will help


From MARY CUNNINGHAM, Warrenton, VA (after an automobile accident) 

The Alexander Technique has served as a very necessary part of “rebalancing” my body after receiving serious injuries in an automobile accident.  As I look back on what has been accomplished by this non-intrusive  yet  effective intervention, I am appreciative beyond words of expression to Ms. Loving  for her field of expertise.






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