Movement Meditation Class

Starts in the Fall (Tuesdays 10-11 am)

This is going to be a class for change and transformation. There will be some awareness through movement and meditation. I’m not calling it yoga, instead “easy movement”;
although we will learn to be comfortable in our daily activities; and not hurt ourselves. We will learn the deep awareness of knowing your where you are in space, how your posture affects your movement. Lets see how light and fluid we can be in our world by creating grace and well being – to discover the best version of ourselves.

The last half of the class will be a guided meditation drawing on my training with the Davidji Meditation school. My experience was amazing in how it has changed my life; physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships. I want to share this with you. Here is a good youtube on the benefits of meditation.

This is an interesting Tedtalk with Dr. Sara Lazar and her research on meditation and how it affects parts of the brain; reducing anxiety, and depression; lowers blood pressure; and enhances memory, clear thinking, and self-esteem.

Are you interested? If so, let me know (
10-11 am – April 9 – May 14, 2024

my studio at
139 West Davis Street.

$150 for the 6 sessions, pay on Zelle or Venmo or send a check to:
Karen Loving – 139 West Davis St – Culpeper, Va 22701

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