Movement Meditation Class – Fall Class

Starts Sept 19 – Oct 24 (Tuesdays 10-11 am)

This is going to be a class for change and transformation. There will be some awareness through movement and meditation. I’m not calling it yoga, instead “easy movement”;
although we will learn about the other limbs of “right living” through yoga, not just the physical postures. I want to create a gathering where we can move slowly and comfortably, and meditate together to discover the best version of ourselves.

I have just completed a 4 month meditation training; the experience was amazing in how it has changed my life; physically, emotionally, spiritually and in relationships. I want to share this with you.

Are you interested? If so, let me know (
10-11 am (Sept 19 – Oct 24 and Oct 31 – Dec 5) these are at

my studio at
139 West Davis Street.

$150 for the 6 sessions, pay on Zelle or Venmo.

This is an interesting Tedtalk with Dr. Sara Lazar and her research on meditation and how it affects parts of the brain; reducing anxiety, and depression; lowers blood pressure; and enhances memory, clear thinking, and self-esteem.

4 thoughts on “Movement Meditation Class – Fall Class

  1. Beth Seale

    Karen, I am very interested in this class, however, I’m going to be out of town June 10-29th, and also the last full week in July. I hope you will be doing another session of these classes in the fall, and if so please let me know!

    1. karen5022 Post author

      I know. I just sent an email out. By sending the payment that saves your spot. I didn’t know how much response I would have; I want the first people who responded to have the first spots. I have limited space. Thanks.


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