How the new class developed…

Good morning to all,

As some of you have heard, I pulled a muscle in my right leg; actually, the entire nerve plexus running down the front of my leg and hip; it appeared from lifting a 100 lb cooler without “thinking”! Anyway, it’s been a long recovery, not being able to stand up completely or walk for very far.  I have had so many visits and sessions with my healing community of friends that I couldn’t have asked for a more loving way to continue to heal.

During this time of recovery i was able to use my exploration, experimentation; and conscious realization of how I create every movement. I learned first hand about the brain’s connection to the body; or the thoughts connected to the movement and to what happens in the body.  I hadn’t realized that the pain in your leg or hip, etc reflects what you are doing with your hand for instance; picking up a magazine, washing a dish, petting the dog (yes!); even how you are or are not breathing.  

I have decided to design a class that I can share with others who are going through a process of learning to move differently from an injury, chronic discomfort; symptoms relating to the stiffness of joints and muscles from everyday activities that now seem harder.  I have been in the somatic world for over 20 years so I have that background and now I have personal experience that I can bring to the learning!

My intent for this class is for it to be small with the offering of special attention given to each student for what they are most interested in exploring or changing.  I am limiting the number to #8 students which will be the core group of this 6 week session.  The class will be 1 1/2 hours on Tuesdays 11-12:30 pm and the cost will be $180. The first #8 students who sign up will be the core group, so it will be on a first come basis.   The class will start on Sept 12 – Oct 17.

Lets do this together!  

My best to each of you,


I will no longer be teaching any yoga classes; stay tuned for Toni and Cynthia’s classes.

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