Workshops – Thursdays May 14 and 21st (1-2 pm) – Staying healthy together!

What can we do to stay healthy in our bodies, minds and spirits – We will meet on ZOOM!

Now that we have been mostly inside for over a month, its is getting pretty lonely and I am getting stiff from sitting more than I usually do

Let’s do a group class and explore how we can move easier and just the joy of seeing each other is a healing by itself!
You will get your own spotlilght session on Zoom!!

I have been teaching private clients online for the Alexander Technique; meditation, and movement using yoga with directed guidance and IT WORKS!!!  Im getting good feedback and I wanted to offer it to others.

MAY 8 (1-2 PM); MAY 14; MAY 21 (1-2 pm)
Covid 19 prices PAY and register here
$25.00 per class (paid in advance through Paypal or Venmo)
Limited to 8 participants

One class or Three

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