How awareness prevents injury and an icy sidewalk…

I have noticed that if I am aware of how my feet are contacting the ground or surface I am standing on, there is some new sensation of connection. And I know that what we think has energy and the thought creates a transmission to that area of the body. 

It is sort of like when you are preparing to walk on an icy sidewalk, you bring your awareness to your feet and the sidewalk, and make a conscious decision to stay with that attention and not be thinking ahead as in what have I got to do today, what if I fall, what if I can’t do my job; those are all future thoughts and not present ones. And that, my friends is when falls happen and injury occurs. 

However, we could use that as a practice of being aware whenever we are walking, not only when it’s an icy sidewalk  

Try it today once or twice and see if you feel more confident, safer, more balanced in your walking. WHERE ARE MY FEET??

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