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“Trying” to play my violin….screeching sounds! Yikes!!

I noticed another place I was trying…in performance, have you noticed that when you are “performing”, and as we know: performance happens everyday, not just with a theatrical play or musical instrument that you tighten your neck and shoulders, “trying” to do it right?

When you are talking with someone, and you have the floor to speak, you are “performing”. Are you “trying” to get the message you are speaking about “right”. Remember “trying” and “getting it right” (is there a “right?”) equals tension in your body!

So with the violin, the instrument lets me know right away when I “try” to get the right note by tensing my jaw, my feet grab and pull away from the floor, and my shoulders, elbows and wrist lock up.  Oh my, what a screech comes out of the instrument….hello, you are “trying” too hard!

Check out your performances this week and see when you are tensing around your performance; speaking, singing, playing tennis, golf, even when you are doing something by yourself, your “self-critical” thoughts will be judging your “performance”.

We are such amazing beings…why not take away from some of the “doing” and bask in “being”!


Women’s Reading Group – Mind/Body, the Connection

How does our mind/body connection effect our posture, our breathing, our movement? Can we learn to deepen the awareness and become more energized, less stressed, and healthier in our older years?

We will come together the first Monday of each month starting January 9 from 7-9 pm; and we will share our ideas and knowledge about the Mind/Body connection in our own lives.  We will use Sandra Bain Cushman’s book, Mind/Body 40 Days as our guide for discussion.

Please sign up on this page.