My Trickster and My Back Pain

Yes, I have now had the experience of severe back pain, I thought in a very smug way that I was immune   I assumed I had done all I needed to do to prevent the number one MSD (Muscular Skeletal Disorder) ” back pain” that 85% of our population suffers with. I have practiced a very “awareness based” yoga since 1990’s; lived the Alexander Technique principals for almost 20 years, walked or done some conscious exercise daily, so what happened??


Well, as I listened to Robert Ohotto’s take on Mercury Retrograde (April 9-May 3) in Aries and Taurus (, I realized the “trickster” was my debilitating back pain that started Sunday (April 9). The necessity of helping me recognize my “ego based ” goals and tricking me into realizing my soul based purpose. And I knew my lesson was to slow down, I can’t and don’t need to do it all.

What I am taking away from this very profound teaching is that I did not fail (back pain) and that this experience will help me relate to my clients who have been through all kinds of extreme physical pain. I have always believed you can’t truly know what others are feeling until you have walked in their shoes. 

Oh, and because Mercury is retrograde, remember to please back up your computer and keep track of where your cell phone is, this is the most well known trickster’s “trick”!!

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